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For any questions you have surrounding our composite decking, you can find all information here. Read on to find out more about Decking Direct, composite decking product information, installation and maintenance tips as well as the features, properties and benefits of composite decking. For any questions left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly, expert customer service team who are more than happy to assist you. 

Decking Direct Questions

Where to buy composite decking online?

Based solely online, Decking Direct are one of the top up-and-coming composite decking retailers in the UK. Browse our website for all details surrounding our composite decking products and accessories.

Which composite decking should I buy? 

Deciphering which composite decking to buy can be difficult with the array of choice on the market. However, when ordering from Decking Direct, you are guaranteed an informative and efficient ordering process, followed by a quick delivery service and help and advice when it comes to installing and caring for your composite decking. This well-rounded service provided by our decking experts allows Decking Direct to stand out within the market. Our affordable prices and high-quality products speak for themselves. Choose our Premier composite decking that features a double embossed surface and rests at 25mm in thickness, or opt for the Classic composite decking range that is 22mm thick and has a singular embossed surface.

Which composite decking is best?
Decking Direct composite decking is the best choice for domestic and commercial environments due to its sustainability. By offering a 100% recyclable decking option, you are minimising your carbon footprint and opting for a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly decking. Made from 100% recycled materials, Decking Direct provides a modern and contemporary decking to suit all areas, personal style and needs. Order your FREE sample pack today.
Delivery and returns FAQs 
For any information surrounding Decking Directs delivery and returns processes, head to our Delivery Information page and find out all associative information surrounding your order. We cover our processing, delivery and collection options, as well as the costs, timings and couriers for our samples, grass, decking and accessories. For any cancellations and amendments or returns and refunds information, find it on this page. For any further information regarding our delivery and returns policies, contact our customer service team via phone or email.

Composite Decking Product Questions

How much does composite decking cost?

At Decking Direct, our price ranges start from £27-£29 for composite decking. Head over to our product pages for information and specific details on our pricings. We pride ourselves on offering quality products for affordable prices, ensuring our customers are more than happy with their investment.

Are composite decks expensive?

Composite decking does tend to be more costly than timber decking, however, the extra price you pay for composite boards is demonstrated through the longevity and ease of maintenance that comes with composite decking. For specific prices, check out our outlined product webpages.

Can composite decking be recycled?
At Decking Direct, our composite decking boards are made from 100% recycled materials and are therefore, 100% recyclable. With 65% of the material being manufactured from recycled wood fibres, with the remaining 35% being made from recycled plastic fibres, these material properties ensure the sustainability of our decking. Compared to wood decking, composite decking is more environmentally friendly in terms of protecting woodlands and wildlife, making it a worthy long-term investment.
How long does composite decking last?
Composite decking can last from anywhere between 25 and 30 years, providing the successful installation and the maintenance of the deck is upkept. Our 10-year warranty ensures that any issues incurred by the customer in relation to our decking is covered. This guarantees the longevity of our composite decking products.
How is composite decking made?
Composite decking is a synthetic material, usually made from recycled wood and plastic fibres. These are heated together with bonding agents and tints and pressed into shape. The embossed surface finish is designed to replicate the appearance and texture of real wood decking. The boards are then measured and cut to size, resting at 3.66m in length at Decking Direct.
Can composite decking be cut?
Using a generic wood saw tool, you can cut the decking boards to size, ensuring you take all safety precautions while doing so. Remember to double check your measurements before cutting your decking boards to avoid any waste.
Why choose composite decking over wood decking?
Choosing composite decking means opting for a hard-wearing, long-lasting, durable and sustainable decking. The benefits of composite decking are outlined on our Advice and Information page, so have a read if you are unsure and expect to be converted from wood decking to composite decking in no time. 
Why is composite decking better than wooden decking?
When it comes to comparing the advantages and disadvantages of composite decking in relation to wood decking, composite decking is essentially, the improved development of decking. The low maintenance procedures associated with composite decking eliminates the pressing downfalls that wooden decking possess. As well as being slip-resistant, weather-resistant and stain-resistant, composite decking does not require staining, treating or painting, all of which, wood decking does. Choose Decking Directs composite decking for an updated, contemporary decking option.
Are composite tiles good?
Choose our composite decking tiles for a contemporary take on decking that integrates an alternative style into your new garden landscape. Composite tiles are perfect for those who have smaller outdoor areas to cover like balconies or patios where only a few tiles would be needed to modernise the space. Browse our range of composite tiles here.
Can composite decking hold a hot tub?
Depending on the height of your deck and the positioning of the joists when installing the decking boards, you may require extra support posts beneath the decking to support the weight of a hot tub. The size and weight of the hot tub will decipher which measures to take when it comes to the positioning of the hot tub on top of your deck. Ensure you consult a professional when it comes to planning the logistics of placing a hot tub onto your composite decking.

Composite Decking Features Questions

Are composite decking boards scratch resistant?

Although Decking Direct composite decking is protected with a wear layer, scratching of the surface can occur if the correct care is not provided. To minimise any potential scratching coming to the decking material, ensure you take all precautions and measures to avoid causing any damage. Ensure you lift any pots or garden furniture over the decking rather than dragging or pushing it across the surface. Consider attaching furniture covers to the legs of your outdoor furniture and underneath the bases of any pots. In the even that your decking does incur some scratches, usually these marks tend to fade over time. We do not recommend using any harsh chemicals or heat to amend these damages.

Are composite decks slippery?
Our composite decking is manufactured specifically to reduce the risk of slipping. The embossed surface creates a textured grain that provides a slightly grippier surface than its real wood decking counterpart. Although we cannot guarantee the 100% slip resistant properties of our decking, rest assured we consider all health and safety precautions throughout the manufacturing process to reduce the risk of slipping. 
Will composite decking fade?
The colouring of our composite decking is designed to withstand UV penetration as much as possible, but the slight decolouration of the decking boards is inevitable. Thankfully, the gradual fading that takes place with composite decking only alters the appearance slightly, fading the harsher colouring into a lighter toned deck. The weathered look should reach its peak after around 6 months, after which the decolouration and fading of the material will be minimal and unnoticeable. 
Will composite decking rot?
Due to the hard-wearing material properties of composite decking, the inability to rot is another reason why we recommend composite decking over wood decking. Providing you allow for good ventilation and drainage when installing your composite decking, the moisture should be released from the decking boards, meaning no rotting or weathering damage as such comes to the material.  
When does composite decking expand/contract?
In some circumstances, composite decking boards can expand and contract depending upon the climate and environment in which they are laid. Due to this, we suggest allowing your decking to adapt to the conditions for up to 48 hours before fitting them. The hot weather can impact the plastic fibres by expanding the material slightly, while the cooler weather is known to contract the material and potentially split it if the correct care and treatment is not provided throughout its lifespan. Taking the right precautions will ensure your composite decking retains its new condition. Head to our composite decking maintenance guide for details on how to care for your deck.
Which composite decking is coolest?
It is important to note, that composite decking is proven to contract heat just as much, if not less, as timber decking does. The lighter toned composite decking boards are known to be the coolest decking option due to the colour not attracting the sun like our darker decking boards do. If you are conscious about the decking conducting heat from the sun, we recommend you opt for a lighter coloured deck to minimise the heat retained during the warmer months. Our 'Light Grey' composite decking would be the recommended choice in this situation.

Composite Decking Installation Questions

How to install composite decking?

For any information on how to install composite decking, follow our Decking Direct Installation Guide which is full of tips and tricks on how to fit the supporting joists, the decking and the edging boards.

How easy is composite decking to install?
Composite decking is installed by fixing joists onto a subflooring which acts as a support structure on which the decking boards can be slotted onto, connected using starter clips and T-clips. For more information and for any keen DIYer’s out there, check out our Composite Decking Installation Guide for details on how to install composite decking. This includes all processes, from preparation, installing the joists and the decking as well as adding the finishing touches with any edging trims.
How much composite decking do I need?
Measure up for your composite decking by referring to our Composite Decking Sizing Guide. Ensure you are accurate and precise when it comes to measuring the area in which you plan to install your decking as ordering too much or too little could result in financial loss or an unfinished deck.
How do I remove my old deck in preparation for composite decking?
Begin removing your old composite deck by removing all nails, clips and fasteners to detach the decking boards from one another. Once the boards have been lifted and removed, the joists can then be unscrewed and detached if they are not in good condition. If there are some slight repairs that need doing to the joists to reinstate them, use a Composite Decking repair kit to fill any chips or cracks, followed by sealer to ensure the filler withholds. Wait for it to dry and begin to lay your new composite deck. If you feel as though extra support is necessary, move the joists closer together in attempt to create a more sound and sturdy structure. 
Can composite decking be laid on concrete?
If your concrete sub-floor is in good condition, there is no reason why you cannot lay your composite decking board on this surface. Ensure the concrete is free from debris, even and slightly sloped to ensure successful drainage for your deck. 
Can composite decking be laid directly onto the ground? 
Although composite decking can be laid onto any well-prepared surface, it is not recommended to install composite decking directly onto the ground due to the increased risk of damage. However, if you take the correct precautions when preparing the ground for your composite decking, the safety and longevity of your decking could be increased.

Composite Decking Maintenance Questions

How to maintain composite decking?

If you are looking for information on how to care for your composite decking post installation, head to our Composite Decking Maintenance Guide to follow all cleaning and caring processes associated with your decking. Thankfully, the list is nowhere near as extensive as when maintaining real-wood decking!

How easy is composite decking to clean?
Composite decking is incredibly low maintenance, ensuring all cleaning procedures are few and far between. In comparison to wood decking, composite decking is a deck of dreams. No warping, rotting, treating, sanding, or painting is necessary when it comes to caring for your new deck. Use our composite decking scented cleaner along with hot and soapy water to brush down your deck whenever it’s in need of some TLC. Follow our Composite Decking Maintenance Guide for tips on how to care for your decking in alternate weather conditions.
How to repair composite decking in event of damage?
Repairing composite decking boards can be done by using filler. For any small chips or cracks that rarely occur in composite decking boards, you can purchase Composite Decking Repair Kits that usually come with wax or filler that you can apply to the decking boards. For any heavy-duty damage that may occur, the decking must be detached or loosened from the T-clip fasteners in the joists below.  This way, you can detach one decking board and replace it without having to redo the entire installation process.
Can composite decking be painted?
Unlike its real-wood counterpart, composite decking does not need to be painted. During the manufacturing process, each decking board is painted and lacquered with tinted stains. Although painting or staining your deck is not required or necessary, if you are wanting to refresh your decking with a new coat or an alternate colour, the material is compatible with composite decking paint products. Providing the decking is prepared properly by cleaning and priming the surface, you can add a topcoat of decking paint to spruce up your outdoor living space.

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