There may be many reasons why you need to remove and replace your composite decking, so we have created this guide to talk you through the processes to undertake.
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Before you begin to remove your composite deck, it is important to consider whether you would like to remove your deck using cutting techniques or without. Removal of your plastic deck will be easier if you follow the cutting process, so we recommend this for most projects. As an added bonus, the off cuts can always be used for DIY projects around your home!
Needless to say, removal is possible without cutting the material so we hope this guide will assist you throughout this process also. 




o Begin by measuring the decking boards width,

then mark 1/3 of the measurement from each side

and draw a parallel line from these points to the end

of the deck board. Our premium decking boards have

a 146mm width, 

o Next, you will need a circular saw to cut along the

parallel lines you have drawn. Make sure you are aware

of the width of your deck board to ensure you don’t cut

through the joists.

o This cut will allow you to remove the centre piece

of decking using a crowbar.

o Then, using a screwdriver, remove any of the

starter clips or hidden fasteners. If you cannot access

these you will be able to pry the plastic deck upwards

using a crowbar to expose them.

o Continue this process across all of the

decking boards you wish to remove and

inspect the joists fully before beginning to

install your new composite decking.



o Remove any edging sections of your decking by using

a crowbar or by unscrewing any hidden screws if

necessary. This includes removing any starter clips that

are visible.

o Using a crowbar and hammer, gently lift the end of the

decking to expose the hidden fasteners and joists.

o Repeat this process with all boards.

o Use either a screwdriver or an electric drill to remove any

screws holding the hidden fasteners in place.

o Inspect the joists fully before beginning to install your

new composite decking.



o Inspect the joists thoroughly to ensure

they are in good condition. Your joist must

be safe and healthy in order to support the

composite decking.

o Identify any sections that exhibit signs of

weather damage and aging and proceed to

remove them using a hammer and chisel.

Repair and reinforce any joists as necessary.

This process can be found on our

Composite Decking Installation Guide.

o Affix new starter clips to the end of each joist

using a screwdriver.

o Fit the hidden fasteners and slide the new

pieces of decking into place. Repeat this until

you have fitted all of the plastic decking boards.

o To finish your new composite decking, affix

any edging using adhesive, or screw them

into place.