How to Care for Composite Decking

When it comes to cleaning, we understand that it is many peoples least favourite job. We aim to minimise the amount of cleaning required in everything we do to avoid wasting time doing something we don’t want to do.

Although it may not be possible to completely eradicate all cleaning and maintenance procedures associated with decking, we can dramatically reduce them by choosing composite decking over wood decking. With a 10-year warranty, our composite decks are guaranteed to withstand the test of time without allowing the weather, wildlife or environment cause damage or alter the overall appearance or functionality of the decking. By following just a few simple tips, your composite decking will look brand new in no time. Read on to find out how to maintain and care for your composite decking.

If you are looking for a quick and effective clean up for your composite decking, a broom, hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush will do the job in no time. There is no need to spend hours painting, staining or treating your new deck as composite decking is much more resilient compared to wood decking. With no worries surrounding rot, damp or mould, composite decking is the stress-free garden deck that you didn't know you needed.


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Begin by removing any garden furniture, plant pots, BBQ’s or other objects that obstruct your way to ensure you can cover the entire surface and reach all crevices. An initial brush over the surface of your composite decking will remove any dirt or debris that is settled on the surface. It is then important to focus on the gaps in between each board as well as the embossed grooves that make up the rough, textured appearance of the board that offer a wood-like effect. 



Hosing down your deck will prepare the surface for when it comes to scrubbing any tough, dirt patches that could not be removed by sweeping. Focusing on the areas which require more attention, like the outlines of where any garden furniture or plant pots lay, begin scrubbing the decking using a soft bristled brush. Ensure you hose down any dirt and suds as you work your way along the decks to prevent excess dirty, soapy water from settling and drying on the deck.



Use a towel to dry up any gathered, excess water on your deck. This will prevent any water from settling and causing the material to warp or crack. Although composite decking is more durable than wood decking in terms of maintenance and weathering, it can still be affected by wet conditions. Ensuring you keep your deck clean and dry, the material will retain its robust properties and continue to look and feel fresh and new. 



Tips for Cleaning Composite Decking

 Stain Removal - When removing stains from your composite decking, the best thing you can do is act quickly. From the moment the spillage has occurred, action should be taken to soak up and remove any excess product using a cloth or towel. Once the initial spill has been cleared, use hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush to eradicate any product that has settled into the grooves embossed on the surface of your deck. 

 Bleaching Detergents - Avoid using harsh, chemical heavy cleaning detergents like bleach to clean your composite decking. This can damage the overall appearance of the material and have a corrosive effect when applied to the surface of your deck. Using a gentle cleaning solution like washing up liquid to remove dirt from your deck will have an effective impact without damaging the wear layer that acts as protection. Alternatively, you can purchase some of our composite decking cleaner which has been formulated specifically to care for composite decking. 

 Ice and Snow – During the colder months, your deck may need a little extra TLC to ensure it maintains its appearance and functionality. Due to the colder temperatures that fall in the winter, snow and ice may become an issue when settling on your deck. It is important to take the time to remove any snow or ice using a plastic scraping tool. This will prevent the cold from weathering the material and causing any cracks or warping. 

 Pressure Washing - Contrary to what some might think, pressure washing is safe for your composite decking as long as you adhere to a few rules! If you do opt for a pressure washer when cleaning your composite decking, ensure that you keep a safe 30cm distance away from the surface, using no more than 3000 PSI of pressure. These precautions are necessary to ensure the safety of you decking and avoid damage.

 Removal of Mould, Mildew, Oil, Grease and Dirt – It is easy to tackle these common issues that occur in many outdoor settings where materials are left to withstand the constant shift in climates. Hot and soapy water will be your saviour when it comes to cleaning your composite decking. As simple and straightforward as it is, removing this type of mess from your decking should be done every so often to keep on top of it.

 Sun Bleaching – Although our composite decking boards are coated with a layer of UV protection, unfortunately we cannot 100% guarantee the prevention of sun bleaching. Composite decking is incredibly durable, hardwearing and long lasting, but due to the material properties and features, the slight fading and discolouration of the boards is inevitable.

 Scratching – Any scratches that may occur to the surface of your composite decking boards will fade away on their own in due course. Due to the embossed surface of our decking, scratches are not usually a pressing issue as they tend to blend into the grooves of the textured material. 

 Ventilation – Ensuring you construct your deck with ventilation in mind, you will prevent any future issues with damp, rot and mould. A cross breeze underneath your deck will prevent any water from seeping through the gaps between boards and settling. If this does happen, the water can evaporate and create pockets of moisture which will alter the overall durability and cleanliness of your decking. 

 Gaps - Paying extra attention to detail when it comes to cleaning the gaps in between decking boards is essential to maintain the pristine appearance and quality of your deck. Clearing these gaps from dirt and debris will allow for water drainage and proper ventilation, both of which are imperative to ensure the longevity of your composite decking.

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