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Composite Decking – The Benefits of WPC

At Decking Direct, we are fully aware of how many benefits come with composite decking. In comparison to real wood decking, composite decking boards outweigh all the positive features that timber decks can potentially offer. If you are unsure about whether to make the transition from wooden decking to composite, or if you want to find out a bit more information, then you’ve come to the right place. Read up on the benefits of composite decking here with Decking Direct. 1. Eco-friendly First and foremost, our PremDeck composite decking boards... Read More


Old, Tired Decking? Time for a New Refresh!

With summer quickly approaching and the likelihood of many more hot days to be spent outdoors with family and friends, it is now more important than ever to have an outdoor space to be proud of. Regardless of the aesthetic you desire, composite decking can help transform your outdoor space into a modern, welcoming space. We have a vast variety of composite decking available on our website. If you currently have a garden with composite decking but think it could do with a refresh? Look no further. Decking Direct here to tell you the... Read More


How to Measure Up for Composite Decking

You’ve got to start somewhere right? Beginning a new project can be daunting, especially those that involve a lot of time, money and planning! However, don’t worry, at Decking Direct, we aim to ease the process of installing your new composite decking. All the way through from planning for your deck, to implementing your new DIY skills! Follow our Decking Direct guide on how to measure an area in preparation for your new composite deck! Step 1 – Equipment First things first, ensure you are prepared with all necessary equipment... Read More