Where to lay Composite Decking

The versatility and suitability of composite decking for most outdoor living spaces is what makes this decking option preferential in comparison to real-wood decking. Due to its durable, hard-wearing and low maintenance features, composite decking offers all the requirements you seek in a new deck. Ideal for use in both commercial and domestic outdoor areas, composite decking promises a long-lasting deck that can withstand heavy footfall. For a modern and contemporary decking alternative, choose composite decking.





Installing composite decking in a garden will create a contemporary outdoor living platform to enjoy with all the family. Arranging your garden furniture, plant pots and BBQ equipment here, you can sit out and set up camp for the long haul. Whether you choose to opt for a raised platform decking, a ground floor setting or a wrap-around porch, Decking Direct can provide for all different needs. Decking is a popular choice among homeowners to avoid the hassle that comes with a big lawn, so choose composite decking for a low maintenance alternative.







Composite decking is becoming increasingly more popular for use in commercial areas like public walkways, due to its hardwearing and long-lasting material properties. Investing in composite decking will ensure no extra maintenance or upkeep costs will be incurred ensuring no added fees are required. Due to the slip-resistant surface, composite decking is safe to use along riversides and in promenades as public walkways. There are no health and safety concerns that may restrict public walkways from installing composite decking.







Choose composite decking for your poolside or hot tub surrounding as the anti-slip features of this decking ensure that your safety is not compromised within this environment. You can choose to match your poolside deck to the rest of your outdoor living spaces by investing in composite fencing also. If the decking boards aren’t to your taste, check out our selection of composite tiles for a more intricate decking design. The neutral colour tones we offer promise to blend in with your garden surrounds, incorporating a more contemporary style into your outdoor living areas. 







Ideal for both commercial and domestic areas, composite decking is the ideal investment for commercial spaces such as retail environments. Many outdoor dining areas opt for composite decking due to the luxury feel and modern take on outdoor furnishing. The areas of suitability for this decking are endless. As a sustainable decking option, composite decking has become the ‘go to’ when investing in outdoor surface platforms. This decking has been known to feature in retail displays, as performance platforms and garden centre showrooms.



Areas of Suitability

The versatility of composite decking has no limits. There are many more areas of use for decking as long as you have; a suitable sub-floor (like concrete), a fully functioning ventilation system and sturdy joists on which to install your decking. Providing these three elements are in place, your deck should be guaranteed to settle well into the desired environment for you to get your full use out of it. Here are some more ideas for where to lay composite decking...

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