Pairing your Purchase

Check out our selection of composite decking and artificial grass accessories for all your installation and maintenance needs. Pairing your purchase with the essential accessories you need to add the finishing touches to your new outdoor landscaping feature is something that each and every customer should consider. When submitting your purchase with Decking Direct, ensure you have conducted informative research that teaches you everything about the equipment you will need to install and maintain your decking and artificial grass. 


Shop our composite decking edging boards, L-shaped trims, supporting joists in both our Classic and Premier ranges and all clips and screw fixings to secure the fit of your new Decking Direct decking,

Shop our artificial grass accessories including pegs, tapes and adhesives for fitting, tools to cut your grass to size and any sheeting or underlay you may need to lay underneath your new lawn. Find everything you need with Decking Direct.

Decking Direct Accessories

Find all information surrounding composite decking and artificial grass with Decking Direct. We have constructed helpful guides and informative pages to ensure you are confident in your decking and grass choices. We stock edging boards, trims, fixings, pegs, adhesives, tapes, tools and underlay, ensuring our customers can find exactly what they are looking for at Decking Direct.

As a one-stop-shop, Decking Direct offers to aid you throughout each step of the way, from planning your order to purchasing, awaiting delivery and installing and maintaining you new deck or lawn. For composite decking, Decking Direct provides information on how to fit and care for your decking as well as all the benefits and essential information to be aware of when choosing composite decking over wooden decking. For artificial grass, Decking Directs handy hints and tips are integrated into fitting and care guides also, as well as outlining the benefits of artificial grass over a natural lawn.